Brochure Design

We design eye-catching brochures that will convey your marketing messages effectively.

We use the information you provide to produce a unique and functional design that will stand out in the hands of anyone.

We never use templates and always create all of our designs from scratch.



  • A print-ready file delivered in .jpg format – no further tweaks needed when you take it to your favorite printing house
  • Our design covers all sides of the brochure – front, back & inside
  • Designed at high resolution – 300dpi (dots per inch)



A4 sized-paper folded once in two halves. The final brochure has 4 sections: front, back and two internal pages.


A4 sized-paper folded into three separate sections. Variations include accordion-fold, concertina-fold and window/gate-fold brochures


A set of half-fold brochures joined together to form a booklet or catalog (please send us a message to get a customized quote)

Custom sizes

If you need us to design something in a custom size send us a message via our Contact Us page and we'll get back to you as soon as possible with a quote