Jukebox Saturday Night

Project Description

Jukebox Saturday Night is an Australian radio show hosted by once named ‘Sydney’s youngest Disc Jockey’ Ken Sparkes. The show airs every Saturday night and broadcasts hits from the 1950’s up to and including the 1980’s. The show relaunched earlier this year and we were asked to design their new website.

Project Details

Client: Jukebox Saturday Night
Date: July 2014
View site: http://www.jukeboxsaturday.com

Song Requests Form

One of the main components of the website is the song requests page. Visitors are invited to complete a form and submit their song requests so they can be played during the show. The list of requests is stored by the website and sent to the webmaster via email.

Online Store

We installed e-commerce capabilities on the site. The visitor can browse the various memorabilia products in-stock and complete a purchase through a virtual checkout process. As part of the checkout process the visitor is asked to leave their physical address so that the product can later be shipped to them. The website keeps track of inventory, sales and customer accounts.

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