Foreldrekompetanse (Parent’s Expertise)

Foreldre Kompetanse homepage screenshot

Project Description

Foreldre Kompetanse is a Norwegian company that provides guidance courses to parents who want to improve on issues related to child development and parent-to-child communication.

They asked us to redesign their website to make it responsive and give it a more modern and fresh look. The homepage consists of 6 full-width sections that highlight the main courses offered by the company.

Project Details

Client: Foreldre Kompetanse
Date: October 2014
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Call-to-action & DVD course cover graphic screenshot

Custom Graphics

We designed a graphic that invites visitors to join a subscribers list via an email-capture form and was placed prominently on the homepage just below the main header image and on the sidebar of every page.

Two other graphics were designed to draw the visitor’s attention to the two main two DVD courses sold by the company. These are located on the homepage.

We also designed a graphical representation of the main DVD course offered by the company. This is a 3d graphic consisting of an image of a paperback book, a DVD case and the actual DVD disc.

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