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Responsive Web Design

Your new website will adjust automatically to multiple devices


Stay ahead of your competition

Responsive design is a key factor that ensures your business stands out and allows you to present your web content optimally. By offering your customers a mobile-friendly website you will gain competitive advantage and encourage them to use your website over someone else’s.


Google recommends responsive web design

The Google bot can crawl content more efficiently as responsive websites have one URL and the same HTML across all devices. Users are more likely to engage, share and interact on a mobile-optimised website than on one that has different versions for mobiles and desktop.


Increase sales & conversion rates

The number of people who make online purchases directly from smartphones and tablets is increasing every year. Responsive design makes sure that they stay on your site for a longer period of time and that their shopping experience is a comfortable and positive one.


Enhanced & optimal user experience

There is no need for your visitors to mess around zooming in and out as your website adjusts itself to the screen of their particular device. Your content will be displayed optimally making it easier for your potential customers to access every section of your site easily.


Save on site management & SEO campaign costs

Managing a single site is much more cost-effective and less time consuming than managing two different versions of your site for mobiles and desktops. It’s also much easier to manage one SEO campaign than to manage two or more campaigns for multiple devices.


Your website is prepared for the future

Tablet & smartphone users are rapidly increasing in number every year. This trend is not slowing down and it’s here to stay. By having a responsive website you are catering to the growing number of people that browse the web from existing and upcoming mobile devices.

Example of responsive design on desktop, laptop, ipad and smartphone

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